Well, for one, they require very low maintenance, especially when compared with natural stone and hardwood. Porcelain tile is a sealed (non-porous) surface product that requires little-to-no attention other than regular household upkeep. They are also more difficult to scratch, stain, and resist moisture and frost, which makes them an attractive option for high-traffic areas. If you are a person who prefers low maintenance, you are going to love porcelain floors. Touching on the ‘moisture resistance’ again, the composition used to make porcelain tiles, absorb less water, usually, 0.5 percent or less. This makes them an ideal option for use in wet areas. It should come as no surprise now, but porcelain tiles are processed in a way that they can withstand extreme temperature and weather as well. They have a high PEI rating, which means they are the best tiling option in areas that can be exposed to harsh weather – think patios or pathways. To wrap this up, porcelain tiles are resistant to stain, fade, slip, chip, and scratch, moisture and extreme temperatures. On top of that, they are some of the easiest flooring options to clean, maintain, live with and will look brilliant for many years. Combine their durability and ease of maintenance with just how classy they look, and it’s not hard to understand why porcelain is dominating the flooring industry today. Although porcelain tiles are a little expensive, they are certainly a very good investment.


Zambia Bureau of standards

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